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Well hey there,

Thanks for being curious about me. Thanks for trusting me with your boudoir photography, too. It’s good to know a little bit about the person behind the lens, huh?

Well, I’m the eyes, entrepreneur and creative behind Oak City Boudoir. I’m 29, a Raleigh-native, an NC State grad, a vegetarian, a wife, and a cat-mom. I’m very outdoorsy and active. You’ll see me around town at breweries. Ask me about bikes when we meet in person and I’ll tell you that funny story. Oh, and I love movies and video games!

You actually might recognize me from my other brand, JR Photography. If you know anything about me from there, you know I am a photographer because I find the experience of seeing yourself from the outside invaluable.

We spend our lives as women being told we’re this, or that, or not something much more often than being seen as complex individuals. Rarely do we take a moment to provide ourselves what we really need: self-love, self-approval, and worth.

You’ll hear me tell you things like “you look so strong!” and “you are confident!” during your shoot with me. Are you beautiful, too? YES! But That’s not the most important thing about boudoir – the most important thing about boudoir is having some physical proof that your own inner and outer beauty come together to make something more than the sum of their parts.

What Clients Are Saying

“You know, I think I want to do this again sometime. It made me feel more confident than I ever have..”

- A former self-loather

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