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Four Ways to Theme Your Bridal Boudoir Session

Wedding season is ON and brides to be are in the studio all summer. Boudoir photography is one of the most popular day-of gifts for brides to give to their partners.

Are you thinking about it? On the fence a little? Well - let these ideas feed your inspiration! These brides have been in the studio recently and came up with some great ideas. 1. Bring your Veil

bridal boudoir session at Oak City Boudoir

If you're opting for a veil for your celebration, bring it to your boudoir session! It's a great way to give that piece some new, fun life. This bombshell put it: "I spent $300 on this thing, I may as well wear it more than once."

2. Wedding Day Shoes

Black and white boudoir photography

Heels are a must- have for any boudoir session, in my opinion. I personally never wear them for walking around in (heckin' uncomfortable in my book), but they are GREAT to pop on and off during a boudoir session. So why not amp up the gift for your future spouse-to-be and wear the shoes you'll say "I do" in? Bonus points if they match the garter, like this pair!

plus size boudoir

3. Pick Out Your Wedding Night Outfit And Show It OFF!!

No matter what it is - maybe it's a robe and matching bra + panty session, or something racy and alluring - consider wearing it for your bridal boudoir session! Think about it - if you just *destroy* your boudoir session in the studio (you will) - don't you think your partner will want to see that in real life?! How sexy!

BIPOC boudoir photo

4. Try To Arrange The Shoot at Your Wedding/Honeymoon Venue!

If you're having a destination wedding, or traveling for your honeymoon, you can always count on a boudoir photographer to put together beautiful photos for you in their studio. But - if your photographer, your venue, and you are all local... why not try to have the session on site? It'll be a great way to remember the location.

boudoir photography raleigh nc

If you're gifting boudoir to your future spouse, my final recommendation is easy: make sure your gift is somewhere where you can look at it, too. You'll want to see yourself this way just as much as your spouse!

(If you're down to schedule a consult to hear more about boudoir, fill out the form below!)

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